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Large-scale ultrafiltration equipment
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Large-scale ultrafiltration equipment
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1) Ultra-filtration process

       Under pressure, liquid containing the solvent and solute from a variety of small high-pressure feed liquid side reach the low pressure side through the membrane to be called through a fluid or ultrafiltrate; the membrane pore size larger than the solute molecular capsule interception into a concentrate.

2) The ultrafiltration characteristics

        Ultrafiltration are pressure-driven membrane processes, membrane separation range of molecular weight of 500-100 million macromolecules and colloidal characteristics of the corresponding particle diameter of 0.005-0.1μm; separation mechanism is generally believed that mechanical sieve ultrafiltration membrane with sub-plate, roll, tube, capillary and hollow fiber filter of several forms of cross-flow filtration methods generally.

 3) Applications

1. Purification: (1) of water industry <1> of natural water purification <2> as the first stage reverse osmosis filter.
(2) sterile liquid food. <1> low turbid liquor to sterilization. <2> manufacturer rapid solution of tea. <3> wine beer and other liquor manufacturers.

(3) Medical, medicine.
2. Concentrated: concentrated enzyme, protein, biological agents such as
3, electrophoresis paint recycling

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